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Creative integrity, collaboration, and craftsmanship

are the core of Lumina.


The founder of Lumina Gallery is Anette Skuggedal, is passionate about promoting contemporary photography, exhibiting international artists and working closely with private collections and buyers. The Gallery represent artists who are committed to the photographic image and its potential to expand the boundaries of contemporary art. 



In 2004 Anette Skuggedal established PUG OSLO, a dynamic gallery, which was devoted to creating exhibitions in divers spaces.  In 2017 the gallery changed the name to Lumina Gallery, as the gallery expanded its art-program to include The Mentor Program, workshops, seminars and Lumina Book Store.  


Over the years Skuggedal has produced an array of exhibitions in a diversity of spaces, both public and private.  She has curated major exhibitions presenting Sally Mann, Roger Ballen, Joyce Tenneson, and Arno Minkkinen. Lumina Gallery works closely with several international partners and museums such as Fotografiska in Stockholm, and photography festivals, Les Rencontres de Arles, France and Kyotografie, Kyoto, Japan. In 2018, the gallery moved into a new space, in a new space called Røverstaden, in the center of Oslo, a dynamic cross-cultural home for photography, music, architecture, and film. 


Lumina Gallery moved into a new space: Røverstaden. Situated in the center of Oslo, a dynamic cross-cultural home for photography, and a hub for orkshops, seminars & a bookshop.

Our main exhibition space features solo and group shows by leading names in Norwegian and international photography. We host public artist talks and seminars, as well as think-tank events that bring together creative minds focused on innovative ways of creating narrative expression across mediums. We also house a bookstore dedicated to photography, including signed and rare out of print editions. At our core, Lumina is an active creative space for workshops, mentoring groups, portfolio reviews, and master classes with visiting artists. While our focus is the photographic medium,  being connected to a broad international community of other visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, and writers who understand the value of narrative collaboration. Our goal is to enrich the Norwegian photographic community, building bridges between artist and audience and between fine art and documentary practices to further the exposure of visual-based storytelling. We believe visual stories have a capacity to create vital connections and incite awareness and change. 

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