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The Lumina Mentor Program is for photographers wanting to fuel and develop a current fine art or documentary project. We meet as a group one weekend a month over five months to dive into each project, addressing vital aspects of the photographic process, covering creative and logistical issues including: editing techniques, making book dummies, website polishing, portfolio presentation, editorial pitches, grant proposals, gallery protocol, artist statements and targeting your work’s ideal audience. We keep the group intimate and varied to maximize focus and we ask participants to be committed, curious and open to pushing their creative boundaries. Lumina is an active community that allows access to a broad network within the international photographic world. Our aim is to strengthen your creative integrity with practical tools you can carry forward beyond our five months together. Mentor Program participants also have priority access to other Lumina workshops and events. 

Price NOK 20000

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Set Your Goals, Identify Your Weak Spots

Together we break down your project to find its core and identify your aim. You set your goals for the project. Who is your target audience? What are you trying to express? We discuss sources of inspiration and common roadblocks in the creative process.


Be Your Own Best Editor


Work With Mentors From the Global Photo Community

We invite guest mentors from various areas of the photographic world for different perspectives. Editors, gallerists, bookmakers, artists and writers contribute to the group their individual experiences. We tailor these mentors to the group's specific needs. 


Navigate the Business

So you have a great project. How do you get it out into the world, and survive along the way? We discuss gallery representation, pitching ideas, networking, etiquette and contracts. 

Explore new ways to effectively work and present in a rapidly changing market.




Sharpen your editing eye. We discuss narrative technique and  the importance of honing your theme. We look at different types of editing: for a book, editorial publication, exhibition and web-based. Learn to make editing decisions instinctively and respect your vision.

Your presentation is key. We fine-tune your artist statement, portfolio, website, printing techniques, as well as the best way to show your project. Some students end up with a book dummy, others with a set of exhibition prints. Each project is individual and treated as such.

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