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for the
Lumina Mentor Program//

All meetings are at this point are online.

We use Zoom in interactions 


Cost: 20,000 NOK

Group size is limited


Questions? or Curious? 

Don’t hesitate to ask

Lumina Gallery asks you kindly not to use

the information here for own ventures. 

The Lumina Mentor Program is for photographers wanting to fuel and develop a current fine art or documentary project. We meet as a group one weekend a month over five months to dive into each project, addressing vital aspects of the photographic process, covering creative and logistical issues including: editing techniques, making book dummies, website polishing, portfolio presentation, editorial pitches, grant proposals, gallery protocol, artist statements and targeting your work’s ideal audience.


In keeping the group intimate and varied to maximize focus and we ask participants to be committed, curious and open to pushing their creative boundaries. Lumina is an active community that allows access to a broad network within the international photographic world. Our aim is to strengthen your creative integrity with practical tools you can carry forward beyond our five months together. Mentor Program participants also have priority access to other Lumina workshops and events.


All meetings are at this point online. 


To apply, please submit the following as a single PDF to

Your intentions are as important as the quality of your work.

1. A concise portfolio of the project(s) you want to focus on in the Mentor Group, as well as previous work you feel is representative of your direction. Must include short project descriptions. No more than 15 images per project.

2. A short bio [No more than 500 words] that addresses your future goals as well as your past relationship with photography [or other creative processes].

3. Your reasons for wanting to join the Lumina Mentor Group.

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