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AIPAD Photography Show 2018

Lumina Gallery is looking forward to AIPAD Photography Show. Presenting 3 artists that we find new and beautiful work.

The artists are

AlbarranCabrera / Matthias Olmeta / Camilla Jensen

AlbarranCabrera is a beautiful duo that reveal their passion of Japan's delicate world through their images.

Matthias Olmeta is an artist that reveals beautiful portraiture through the technique of Wet Collodion plates. He has created a beautiful series of unique prints that are a part of the series

// Letters to my Grandchildren //

Camilla Jensen is an emerging artist that has through self-portraits found the diversity of ones soul. The series is called Quantum. Jensen will present her new beautiful book on the series, published by Maarten Schilt.

Looking forward to seeing you at AIPAD Photography Show

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